Mammoth! Event Marketing & Activation
We rock the best event marketing you've ever seen!

Mammoth! Event Marketing & Activations

Mammoth! creates engaging experiences for brands like Shinola, Lululemon, and Detroit Foundation Hotel.

Mammoth! Array

The Mammoth! Array is a multi-camera system made from 13 professional cameras and it's ready to rock your world! It stitches together each photo to create Moments that your audience will love so much they can't help but share them.

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Mammoth! Booth

Mammoth! Booth is more than just a photo booth. It's Detroit and Chicago's modern, fresh rendition of the crappy black photo booths of old.

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Industry leading products

It all started in 2012 when we disrupted the photo booth industry with our modern, open-air photo booth.

We started rocking parties from Detroit to Chicago and now we travel across the country working with some of the world's most iconic brands.


We love our clients and they love us too!

Mammoth! Booth is a riot and definitely brings out the fun (and weird) from your gathering/occasion!
— Kelli Elstone Slayden (Facebook Review)
Hands down, hire Mammoth! Booth. We had them for our Gatsby themed wedding and it was a total hit.
— Lillian Steuben (Facebook Review)

Make your next event shine!

We like to keep things simple so we'll leave you with this quick list to keep you going:

  • Step it up with the modern, open-air Mammoth! Booth for your next corporate event or wedding
  • Get your audience to market for you on their social media with custom moving images with the Mammoth! Array.
  • Learn a little about our Team because we're a pretty cool group of folks!